Some Questions... and Answers!

It’s easy! Simply give us a call (250-924-1241) or come and see us in person and we’ll do the rest. We will contact your healthcare provider to transfer your prescriptions and welcome you to the Whole Health family! You can also transfer prescriptions online using this form!

We provide the best prices in town, guaranteed. Ladysmith Wholehealth Pharmacy and More is regulated by the College of Pharmacists, as are all pharmacies in BC. However, being an independent family-based pharmacy means no sharing of profits and fewer overhead costs, which means getting you the same product at a better price. Give us a call at 250-924-1241 to learn more about our amazing affordability!

We take pride in being a small, family-run business. Our head pharmacist has more than three decades of pharmaceutical experience. With that in mind, our patients receive the best of both worlds: knowledgeable care with tailored and compassionate service.

No problem! We offer free, city-wide delivery from Chemainus to Nanaimo.

Absolutely. All your medications can be packaged and organized for your convenience.

Yes. We carry a variety of non-prescription health and wellness products, ranging from vitamins, pain medications, cold and allergy relief, ear and eye care, contraception and family planning kits, creams, laxatives, a wide variety of children’s items, and much more!

Of course. From flu shots to travel vaccinations, we are here to help! There is no injection fee for most injections, please call to confirm. Give us a call to schedule your vaccination appointment today.

Every patient is welcomed and encouraged to sit down with our pharmacist. During your visit, we will tailor all your medications and supplements to optimize your health.

Our hours are:

Monday-Friday: 8:30am - 6pm

Saturday: 8:30am - 4pm

Sunday/Holidays: 8:30am - 2pm

We will give you a call. Alternatively, you can call ahead to have your prescription filled and we will give you a time for same-day pick up.

Ask us! We are able to make simple creams and compounds, though we may need to send out if they are more complicated.

Yes. They are identical—or bio-equivalent—in every way except name. They have the same quality, dosage, and safety, following the same standards of good manufacturing practices. The reason they are sold is to keep costs, both to our patients and business, lower.

Depends. The pharmacist can renew many prescriptions, as well as prescribe minor ailment medications as of June 1, 2023. 

8:30 am - 6 pm
8:30 am - 6 pm
8:30 am - 6 pm
8:30 am - 6 pm
8:30 am - 6 pm
8:30 am - 4 pm
8:30 am - 2 pm
8:30 am - 2 pm